This contains all of our current stock of foils & non foils for sale by us.

# Means card is foil

Bazagazeal Dragon x1
Ballus Dogfight Enforcer Q x2
Trenchdive Shark x2
Fire Sweeper Burning Hellion x2
Charmilia, the Enticer x2 (1 JDC, 1 Preview)
Sasha, Channeler of Suns x1
Phantasmal Horror Gigazabal x1

#King Depthcon x1
#King Tsunami x1
Cloned Spiral x1
Crystal Lancer x7
Emeral x2
Emergency Typhoon x1
Flood Valve x1
Impossible Tunnel x2
Psychic Shaper x1
Spiral Gate (DM 10 vers.) x4

Rothus, the Traveller (1 Foil) x2
Colossus Boost x1
Crimson Hammer x5
Pippie Kuppie x1
Cocco Lupia x1
Energy Charger x1
Kip Chippotto x2
Phantom Dragon’s Flame x2
Pyrofighter Magnus (1 Jap) x4
Crisis Boulder x3
Furious Onslaught x3
Ten-Ton Crunch x1
Mezger, Commando Leader x1
Burnwisp Lizard x1
Chaotic Skyterror x3
Cloned Blade x2
Gazarias Dragon x1
Meteosaur x1
Searing Wave x3
Burst Shot x3
Kipo’s Contraption x1
Shock Trooper Mykee x1
Valkrowzer, Ultra Rock Beast x1
Blaze Cannon x1
Twin-Cannon Skyterror x2
Bolgash Dragon x2
Cataclysmic Eruption x1

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