Promo Review: Sempai Legends Atari Promos

Okay so here’s a bit of introduction to promotional cards. There are a wide variety of them out there (I’ll only talk about the English ones). There are some which are obtainable only through tournaments or from magazines which makes them even rarer. I hope that I can manage to collect each one of them while also telling the story behind it.

So first promos up for review is the 5 cards which came with the Duel Masters Sempai Legends GBA game. They are:

A1/Y1 Rothus, the Traveller
A2/Y1 Brain Serum
A3/Y1 Bronze Arm Tribe
A4/Y1 Sonic Wing
A5/Y1 Night Master, Shadow of Decay


It was in conjunction with ATARI and hence all five of the cards had the ATARI logo embedded in their text box. The international release also came with the same 5 limited edition Atari marked cards. The set was released in 2004. Nowadays, it is hard to find a complete set of all 5 promos and the game together. Most of the time, it’s either the cartridge or single cards. However, piecing them together is relatively easy as you can buy the single cards and complete the set.

These were the first few promos I ever bought. I saw a local seller having a listing of these ATARI cards with the exception of Rothus. They were all in decent condition and the price was a steal. Till this day, I still have the four of them despite having bought a complete set. So that is about it for our first review. Feel free to comment your thoughts below!

Price Range: USD $4 per card // USD $15 per complete set
Rarity (how hard is it to obtain?): Common



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